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Golden City Company was established in 2004 to manage and participate in construction projects including land preparation, filling, Cutting, Excavation, access roads, Asphalt, Interlock, Buildings, Residential complexes, Dams, Bridges, Road Constructions, Curbstone as well as Concrete works. Golden City Company is managed by well-experienced team of engineers, technicians, foremen and skilled subcontractors. They all play an important role leading the company in local market. Golden City Company’s management plan is based on customer satisfaction as well as company improvement. Golden City Company has gained its knowledge and experience form Multidimensional Infrastructure development as its main management policy. Golden City Company is certified as construction contractor for civil, Architectural, mechanical and road projects by Afghanistan Investment Agency.


Golden City Company is one of the largest national Companies in Afghanistan with projects all over Afghanistan. Most of its activities are construction and reconstruction. Aftermath the civil war in Afghanistan in (2002) Golden City was established at a time at which Afghanistan was in an urgent need of rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Golden City began its construction business by constructing the first building in Karte Now where the demand turned out to be the greatest in Kabul Area.

The main Office of Golden City Company is Located in Shahrak-e Telayee, Kabul and posseses over 500 official staff. GCC office consists of (finance section, admin section, engineering section and design section). Its sub offices are located in Maidan Shahr, Baghlan, Balkh and Wardak Provinces of Afghanistan.

Golden City Company has National and Host national Staff (engineers, foremen, labors, mesons and other construction related skilled professionals).

Golden City so far has dozens of Construction Projects, some are Completed and others are in progress.

Golden City Company has been involved in construction of High Rise buildings, Reconstruction and development activities in the sector of road construction, building, water supply and sanitation support. Hardworking with well- experienced staff, knowledgeable engineers, Golden City Company uses high quality construction materials and Machinery to help Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Afghanistan.

Golden City Company Engineers, Labors, Foremen, Mesons….
1. (500) Unskilled Labors
2. (100) Skill Staff.
3. (20) Engineers.
4. (30) Foremen
5. (10) Mixer workers
6. (20) Painters
7. (10) Hardware workers
8. (45) Mesons and others

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